Polymer Photonics and Laser Technology

Over the past years, CMST has built up a technology and packaging platform allowing integration of optical waveguides, coupling structures, light sources, detectors, and electronic circuitry on rigid, flexible, and stretchable substrates.

Through the involvement in various research projects, this platform is being developed in different applications, including printed circuit board-level optical interconnects (EU-FP7 project FIREFLY), active optical cable assemblies (EU-FP7 project MIRAGE), multi-axial strain sensing (IWT-SBO project self-sensing composites), and biosensing (EU-FP7 project NEXTDX).

One of the core competences of CMST has been laser processing, which evolved from a basic technology for drilling microvias, to an enabling technology for complex microsystems, with developments in self-written waveguides for fiber-to-fiber connectivity (IWT O&O project EP2CON), in thin-film organics patterning (cooperation Holst Centre), in mid-infrared resonant ablation (EU-FP7 project IMPROV), in laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT), and in femtosecond laser waveguide writing.

Examples :

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