CMST CMST is an imec associated research lab at the Ghent university. Our research is focused on smart microsystems integration and design, we work on 6 technology platforms:

The envisaged applications include telecom, wireless sensors, robotics, biomedics, bio electronics, health care, training, simulation, entertainment and smart textile.

News and announcements

  • 1 february 2019:
    The new Horizon 2020 ELEVATE project for the ‘EarLy dEtection of cerVical cAncer in hard-to-reach populations of women through portable and point-of-care HPV Testing’, has started. The ELEVATE project develops and tests a multi-disciplinary intervention to improve the cervical cancer screening coverage of hard-to-reach women in Europe and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. This project combines fundamental scientific research with social science investigations, and technology development. At the core of this project is the development and pilot testing of a portable, point-of care human papillomavirus testing device that yields rapid, easy-to-understand results for use in low-resource settings (i.e. without relying on electrical outlets or trained health personnel). The ELEVATE consortium of nine partners- led by ICRH and CMST of the UGent- will receive 3.3 million Euro from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to execute this project over five years (2019-2023).
    More information will follow.

  • 17 august 2018:
    A new postdoctoral position has become available at cmst: Postdoctoral position in Smart Contact Lenses.

  • 30 may 2018:
    The may 2018 edition of imec magazine contains an article on our research on optical sensors: Here’s how to make materials ‘feel pain’.
    You can read the full article here.

  • 12 march 2018:
    CMST The news website Advanced Science News has highlighted the paper “Thin and flexible polymer photonic sensor foils for monitoring composite structures”, written by some of our colleagues, on their website.
    You can access the news article here: Bending Sensor Foils.

  • 27 june 2017:
    Jelle De Smet Our ex-colleague Jelle De Smet has made the list of the most brilliant Innovators Under 35 (published by MIT Technology Review) for his work at the EYEco-eyeCO spin-off.

  • 9 june 2017:
    The first newsletter of the Aquarius-project has been published. The first issue includes some main project information and the concept and provides an overview on the individual work packages and their progress within the first few project months.

  • 9 june 2017:
    CMST is one of the research groups that participates in the new expertise center for Nano-and Microfabrication “Namifab”. More information about the mission and capabilities of Namifab can be found on their website.

  • More news & announcements can be found on our news page.