CMST Infrastructure

Cleanroom in Zwijnaarde

A large part of our test and processing equipment is located within the UGent cleanroom - classification up to ISO class 5 - on the campus Tech Lane Ghent Science Park - Campus Ardoyen.

Cleanroom building

Have a look inside our cleanroom building in this 15 minutes video ...

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Equipment for lithography (pattern definition)

EVG 620 double-sided mask aligner

The mask aligner is used to transfer a pattern to a photosensitive material by selective exposure (through a mask) from a UV radiation source. The equipment supports several modes (proximity, soft/ hard/vacuum contact) and can also do bottom side alignment. It can also be used in nano-imprint mode, where the pattern is transferred by imprinting.

EVG 620

Heidelberg DWL66 Laser Direct Imaging

The Heidelberg DWL66 LDI system uses laser direct imaging (LDI) to expose photosensitive materials with resolution down to 1 µm.

Heidelberg DWL66

Voyager EBEAM

50kEV Electron beam lithography for defining patterns with resolution down to 10 nm. Pattern generator 20bits, 500µm writing field. For samples and wafers up to 200mm. Traxx option for continuous writing of structures (fixed beam, moving stage).

Voyager EBEAM

Equipment for layer deposition


Diverse spinner for spincoating polymer layers including photosensitive resist layers. For samples and wafers up to 200mm.


PVA350 conformal coating

The PVA350 is a flexible three axis robot that is suitable for virtually any laboratory selective coating and automated dispensing application. It is possible to mount different valve types. Our setup is currently equipped with a FCS300-ES spray valve, which provides a repeatable, concentrated coating film in circular pattern widths ranging from 3 to 13mm.


Equipment for material structuring

3D Micromac microSTRUCT vario ps/fs Laser setup

Pico- and femtosecond laser setup ideally suited for laser structuring, cutting, drilling and welding applications on a variety of substrates, e.g. metals, semiconductors, alloys, transparent and biological material, ceramics and thin film compound systems. The setup is equipped with following lasers: femtosecond pulse laser at 1030.5nm; picosecond pulse laser at 1064nm, 532nm and 355nm.

3D Micromac

Optec multilaser setup

The custom build multilaser setup is equiped with three different lasers: an excimer laser at 248nm, a CO2 laser at 9 to 11µm and a ND-Yag laser at 354.7nm.

Optec multilaser setup

DISCO DAD322 Dicing machine

The Disco DAD322 is a fully automated dicing saw to cut materials such as silicon wafers and glass substrates.


Logitech PM5 Precision Lapping and Polishing System

The Logitech PM5 Lapping and Polishing Machine is a workstation that is used for the back-thinning of individual dies. The individual chip thinning technology was optimized for Silicon chips as well as for GaAs/InP Opto-Electronic components.

Logitech PM5

Vacuum laminating press (Lauffer RLKV 25)

Automated vacuum lamination press with controlled temperature and pressure profiles for 330 mm by 280 mm substrates

Lauffer RLKV 25

Vacuum forming machine (Formech 300XQ)

Vacuum forming of thermoplastic materials using an infrared heater.

Formech 300XQ

Equipment for etching

Large area processing line for flex PCB

Degrease/µ-etch, development, etch and strip line for 12” by 9” flexible PCBs combined with a Bungard Large area UV exposure machine.

Large area processing line for flex PCB

Wet benches and exhaust benches

More than 10 wet benches for safer working with chemicals, including acids, bases and solvents. Wet benches allow for clean working (class 100).

Wet benches and exhaust benches

Equipment for inspection

JEOL JSM-6500 SEM incl. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

Imaging using a scanning electron beam and several detector heads : secondary electrons, back-scattered electrons, cathodo-luminescent photons. Elemental analysis using electron dispersive spectroscopy is also possible.


JSM-7000F TFEG-SEM with JED-2300F EDS

In order to obtain higher resolution and smaller spot sizes for analysis, a field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM) is indispensable.


WYKO NT3300 non-contact optical profiler

A white light interferometer is capable of mapping a several millimeter wide area in a single measurement, with sub-nanometer resolution, providing instantaneous information about surface roughness, shape and waviness.


JEOL IB-09010CP Ion beam cross section polisher

Polishing cross-section surfaces by using an ion beam. This instrument uses accelerated Argon ions (at 2 to 6 kV) to precisely remove material from the sectioned sample.


Equipment for assembly

Tresky die and flip-chip bonder

Die and flip-chip bonder for the assembly of bare-die components with and accuracy of ± 5 µm.

Tresky die and flip-chip bonder

EVG 501 Wafer Bonder

Wafer bonding tool for substrates up to 200 mm wafers.

EVG 501 Wafer Bonder

GDP global dispenser

Automated needle dispenser for controlled deposition of adhesives or solder paste.

GDP global dispenser

EKRA E4-STS Screen printer

Fully automatic screen printer for accurate deposition of adhesives or solder paste using either screens or stencils.

EKRA E4-STS Screen printer

IBL SLC 300 Vapour phase reflow oven

Reflow oven for solder pastes with a programmable temperature profile using the vapour phase of an inert liquid for the transfer of heat.

IBL SLC 300 Vapour phase reflow oven

Optomec 300-UP Aerosol Jet Printer

The aerosol-jet system is used to print metallic conductive inks (silver, gold, copper, etc.) based on creating an aerosol of a functional liquid ink and focusing the aerosol stream on the substrate by a nitrogen gas flow.

Optomec 300-UP Aerosol Jet Printer

Equipment for testing

CTS CS-40/200 climate chamber

Climate chamber for Thermal cycling (-40°C/+150°C, 6°/min) and Temperature-Humidity (10 - 95 °C, 10 – 98 % RH).

CTS CS-40/200 climate chamber

Votsch VTS 7040-15/S climate chamber

Climate chamber for Temperature cycling (-70°C/+180°C, 16°/min) with in-situ resistance measurement.

Votsch VTS 7040-15/S climate chamber

Instron 5543 Universal Testing Machine

Electromechanical, or universal testing machines, are most commonly used for static testing in a tensile or compression mode within a single frame. This system is equipped for stress/strain measurements and cyclic endurance testing.

Instron 5543 Universal Testing Machine

Dage 4000 multipurpose bond tester

Mechanical testing of interconnections and assemblies. Available modules include peel-strength, die-shear, ballshear, and wire-pull tests.

Dage 4000 multipurpose bond tester

Equipment for electrical measurements

Oscilloscopes & logic analyzers

  • Agilent DSO-X 2004A oscilloscopes (4 analog channels, 70MHz bandwidth)
  • Agilent MSO6012A mixed signal oscilloscope (2 analog +16 digital channels, 100 MHz bandwidth)
  • Agilent MSO7054A mixed signal oscilloscope (4 analog + 16 digital channels, 500MHz bandwidth)
  • Tektronix TDS5104B oscilloscope (4 analog channels, 1GHz bandwidth). Can be coupled with the Tektronix TLA5250 logic analyzer.
  • Tektronic TLA5250 digital logic analyzer (68 channels, 4 are clock channels)
  • LeCroy waveRunner 44Xi (400MHz, 4 channel, 5 GS/s)

Active probes

  • Agilent N2783A current probes
  • HP 1144A 800MHz active probes
  • Agilent 41800A 5Hz-500MHz active probes
  • HP 85024A 300kHz-3GHz active probes
  • Tektronix P5205 high voltage differential probe
  • Textronix P6245 1.5GHz active probe

Agilent 41800A

Power meters & electronic loads

  • Chroma 6312A electronic loads
  • Hameg 8115-2 power meters

Chroma 6312A

Sourcemeters, digital multimeters & parametric analyzers

  • Keithley 236 SMU
  • Keithley 237 high voltage SMU
  • Keithley 2400 and 2401 SMU
  • Keithley 6220 DC current source + Keithley 2182A nanovoltmeter for delta mode measurements
  • Keithley 3706A DMM + six 3720 Dual 1x30 Multiplexer cards
  • Keithley 4200-SCS Parametric analyzer with 3 Medium Power Source-Measure units, 1 High Power source-Measure unit (all with remote PreAmp for sub femto-ampere measurements) and a Capacitance-Voltage unit installed.

Keithley 4200-SCS

Spectrum, Network & impedance measurements

  • Agilent 4395A spectrum/network/impedance analyzer
  • Agilent 8364B network analyzer
  • HP 4284A RLC meter (20Hz-1Mhz)
  • HP 4191A RF Impedance analyzer (1MHz to 1000MHz)

Agilent 4395A


  • Surface insulation resistance testing system (AutoSir Gen3 Systems)
  • Chroma 19052 HiPot tester to verify electrical insulation (5 kV AC, 6 kV DC)
  • RIGOL DG5072 two channel function / arbitrary waveform generator (70 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s)