CMST Awards

Thesis-student Pieter De Backer won the 2015 Joseph Plateau Award

for his thesis “Design and Fabrication of a Tunable Artificial Iris”.

The paper “Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring” was one of the 25 most downloaded Sensors Journal papers in the months of january, february, and march, 2014.

Low power wireless sensor network for building monitoring. IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL. Vol. 13. 2013.
Tom Torfs, Tom Sterken, Steven Brebels, Juan Santana, Richard van den Hoven, Vincent Spiering, Nicolas Bertsch, Davide Trapani and Daniele Zonta.

Herbert De Smet en Jelle De Smet were nominated for "Strafste Gentenaar" in the category Academics.

More information (in dutch) can be found on the website of the organising newspaper : Het Nieuwsblad - Strafste Gentenaar.

Jelle De Smet (right)

Jelle De Smet wins the “SID ME Student Award 2012”

for his work on “The quest for a Liquid Crystal based Contact Lens Display” at the SID-ME spring meeting 2012. See the SID-ME newsletter 29 2012.

Swarnakamal Priyabadini wins the “Outstanding student paper award” at IMAPS 2011

for her paper “3D-Stacking of UTCPs as a Module Miniaturisation”, 44th Int. Symp. on Microelectronics, Long Beach, CA (USA), October 9-13, 2011

Wim Bothuyne and Tom De Nies win the BiR&D (Belgian Industrial Research & Development) association Interdisciplinary Master of Science Thesis award

for their master's theses : “Development of a stretchable multifunctional LED matrix for integration in textile”, resp. “The Social Gaming Partyshirt - An Interactive Application using Music, Movement and Luminescent Textile in a Social Gaming Context” (Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering, promoters J. Vanfleteren and M. Leman, academic year 2009-2010)

Jeroen Missinne and Rik Verplancke reach 2nd place in Cadence 2008 Student Design Award

for their design of a fully-integrated PWM-driven H-Bridge with IGBTs for the speed control of DC-motors.
See channel-e; (or this cached version)

IMEC 2007 Master's thesis award for Benoît Huyghe

Title of thesis : "Ontwerp en realisatie van rekbare flexibele hoogfrequent structuren voor personal health toepassingen" (Ghent University, Faculty of Engineering, promotors: H. Rogier and J. Vanfleteren)

“We dit it” award (IMEC, August 2007)

"Elastic electronics : first functional circuits realised":  Fabrice Axisa, Pieter Bauwens, Frederick Bossuyt, Dominique Brosteaux, Nadine Carchon, Wim Christiaens, Dieter Cuypers, Johan De Baets, Lieven Degrendele, Eva De Leersnyder, Kristof Dhaenens, Jonathan Govaerts, Benoit Huyghe, Bart Reekmans, André Van Calster, Bjorn Vandecasteele, Jan Vanfleteren, Steven Van Put, Geert Van Steenberge, Thomas Vervust.

Jan Vanfleteren (left)

IMAPS UK Microtech 2007 Best Paper Award

"Stretchable Conductor Technology for Elastic Electronic Systems": Johan De Baets, Fabrice Axisa, Dominique Brosteaux, Mario Gonzalez, Thomas Löher, Dion Manessis, Ralf Heinrich, Benno Schmied, Andreas Ostmann, Jan Vanfleteren.

Fabrice AxisaPolytronic Japan 2007 Best Paper Award

"Elastic and Conformable Electronic Circuits Using MID in Polymer": Fabrice Axisa, D.Brosteaux, E. De Leersnyder, F. Bossuyt, M. Gonzalez, M. Vanden Bulcke, J. Vanfleteren. See this off-line pdf version.

Scientific Prize Barco/F.W.O. 2006

The Scientific Prize Barco/F.W.O. 2006 was awarded to Tom Bert for his doctoral thesis "Characterisation and modeling of electrophoretic image displays" (Promotor: Prof. Herbert De Smet). This prize amounts to 5'000 Euro.

Tom Bert SID Student award Tom Bert SID Student award Tom Bert SID Student award SID-ME Chapter Student Award 2006

"Model for the properties and behaviour of electronic paper" by Tom Bert, Vincent Degezelle, Geert Van Steenberge, Steven Van Put, Peter Geerinck & Herbert De Smet.

Best Paper of Session Award - IMAPS 2002

"An O/E Measurement Probe Based on an Optics-Enabled MCM-D Motherboard Technology" by Herbert De Pauw, Johan De Baets, Jan Vanfleteren, André Van Calster.

BARCO/F.W.O. prijs voor afstudeerwerken 2001

"Ontwerp en realisatie van een Standalone Board voor kleurensequentiële microdisplays”. door Nic Gorleer en Matthias De Geyter
uitgevoerd onder leiding van Prof. André Van Calster en ir. Geert Van Doorselaer.

Excellent Poster Award for Senior Scientists- ISSE '2000

"Highlights of DACTEL Project: Development of Adhesive Technologies for Dedicated Electronic Applications", by Jan Vanfleteren, Alfons Vervaet, Andre Van Calster.

Wetenschappelijke prijs BARCO NV - 1990

This prize is annually awarded to the author of an original contribution in the field of display technology. It was received by former member I. De Rycke.

Best Poster Award - Eurodisplay 1990

"Design of a Prototype Active Matrix CdSe addressed El Display", by J. Vanfleteren, J. De Baets, I. De Rycke, H. De Smet, J. Doutreloigne, A. Van Calster, P. De Visschere, K. Sallmen and R. Graeffe, has won the best poster award of the Eurodisplay conference.

Outstanding Paper Award - Japan Display 1989

"On the Poly-CdSe Thin Film Transistor Technology", by A. Van Calster, J. De Baets, I. De Rycke, H. De Smet, J. Doutreloigne and J. Vanfleteren, has been granted an "outstanding paper award" at the Japan Display conference.

Tweejaarlijkse prijs BARCO NV - 1988

This prize rewards an original contribution to the technology of visual communication between man and machine. It was granted to A. Van Calster and J. Vanfleteren.