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Jan Vanfleteren

Jan Vanfleteren
Prof. Dr. ir. Jan Vanfleteren
Affiliated with IMEC vzw
Technologiepark - Zwijnaarde 126
B-9052 Gent, Belgium
tel : +32-9-264.53.60
fax : +32-9-264.35.94


Jan Vanfleteren was born in Kortrijk (Belgium) on April 5, 1958. He obtained his degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Gent in 1981, and his Ph.D from the same University in 1987. From 1982 on, he works at the Laboratory of Electronics of the University of Gent, where he was involved in research on Thin Film Transistors and Flat Panel Displays.

From 1993 on he was involved in research on advanced packaging and interconnection technologies, and especially flip-chip technologies using adhesives. From that time on he focuses on electronics and microsystems assembly, packaging and interconnection, using flex substrates (polyimide, cheap plastic materials like polyester, PES, PVC). From 1994 on he works for IMEC, the Interuniversity Micro Electronics Centre, with headquarters in Leuven, as a project manager. He is actually involved in several European Commission funded projects. He has been the the co-ordinator of the EC-FP5-Growth funded project IMECAT and of the FP6 IST Integrated Project (IP) SHIFT ("Smart High Integration Flex Technologies").

Recent research interests include the development and application of stretchable (elastic as well as (thermo)plastic) circuit technologies, based on standard PCB circuit and assembly, as well as on thin-film metal interconnections. Also PDMS and rigid polymers based microfluidics for biology and (bio)medical application is a recent field of resarch.

From October 1, 2004, he was appointed as part time Professor at the University of Gent. He is (co-)author of over 200 scientific papers in international journals and conference records and holder of 14 patents / patent applications. For a complete detailed list we refer to the following Researcher-ID URL: J. Vanfleteren’s scientific track record is also publically available from Google Scholar :

In his spare time he likes to play music : he is active both as lead tenor saxophone player and as secretary of Big Band "The Mellvids"